Miss Perfect and Her Brothers (Part I&II)

1. Crib

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*I'm not a native English speaker. The original version of this book is written in Polish and I am afraid my writing skills in both these languages can't be compared. I hope the mistakes won't put you off. I've gained a lot of experience since the beginning of my adventure with translations, so the latest chapters are written much, much better. On top of that, I'd like to edit this book for you but it's really time-consuming so I don't know when it happens. 

*This is not an incest story. 

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Earlier that day, my beloved grandma fainted. My mom took her to the hospital and I stayed home alone. When they were coming back, relieved, that the doctors didn't find anything serious, a car hit them. Drunk driver. No one survived.

I opened the door to the police officers. Social workers came as well. The pain I felt at the moment should never accompany to anyone. And certainly not to a fourteen-year-old girl. I lost my mother and grandmother, my closest relatives, my only family. I was sure I'd go to the foster care, that I'd move to different orphanages, like all the orphans I knew from movies and books. Instead, I heard something that changed my life even more.

Vincent Monet will be my new legal guardian. For a moment I thought he was my father, a biological father I knew nothing about. It turned out that he was my half brother. Brother. I had a brother. Raised all my life as an only child, I now found out that I have an older brother. Who agreed to be my guardian.

When I was on the plane, I was a step away from starting a new life. I already knew more. I knew that I have more brothers. Five, to be exact. They were all older. Before, I hadn't had much contact with older males in my life. Raised without a father, I didn't even have any uncles. The only men I knew and whom I saw quite regularly were several teachers at school, my doctor, and a neighbor who pretended not to see me stealing cherries from his garden.

The plane landed and the travel lasted much shorter than I'd have liked. I began to tremble nervously and a woman who was sitting next to me gave me a reassuring smile, thinking that it was the result of fear of flying. A moment later, I stood in the middle of the terminal with a large suitcase at my side. What's next?

At the same time, my phone buzzed. I got a message from an unknown number, "I'm waiting at Costa." I looked around for a familiar café, and my heart was pounding as if it was about to jump out of my chest.

The man must have noticed me first because when I saw him he was already staring at me. He was tall, well-built, had slightly longer dark-blond hair, blue eyes, and was smiling pleasantly at me. I immediately blushed and headed toward him. I didn't expect my brother to look like a freaking model. In addition, designer clothes, selected with taste and an impressive watch on his wrist revealed his financial status, even for a person like me, who had no idea about fashion and labels.

"Good to see you, Hailie,"  he greeted me and hugged me. I was surprised, but I couldn't say I didn't like it. Nobody hugged me since my mother and grandmother died. In addition, he smelled nice. "I'm Will."

I immediately analyzed the list of my five brothers which I'd created in my head and in which I was still lost. Will? So he wasn't the oldest one...

"Vince is your legal guardian and he was supposed to pick you up but something came up at his work. It often happens to him, you'll get used to it. You will definitely meet him today," Will hurried to explain.                                                                                                                                                                      
I nodded my head. At that moment, I didn't care which brother came for me. Will led me to his car which was black and big and luxurious and for sure looked nothing like cars I was used to riding. He took my suitcase, opened the passenger door for me, and made sure that the air conditioning in the car didn't blow too hard on me. I wasn't used to such care and immediately felt a little sympathy for this stranger who was my family.

I was still intimidated. I answered briefly and quietly, while Will's voice was clear and showed confidence. The residence we arrived at overwhelmed me even more. First, we stopped in front of the great gate in the middle of the forest, then we drove a bit further and a big house raised in front of my eyes. It jumped out of nowhere and immediately impressed me. Just like the garage in which Will parked, and in which there were a lot of cars, as in the exhibition. What's more, they all were modern cars. You know, the type of cars people take photos of on the streets. I looked at my white sweatshirt, gray tracksuits, and white sports shoes. Then at my suitcase from Wallmart. My dark hair tied up in two loose braids on the sides ... I looked like a small, poor girl and I just didn't fit in.
Inside, the house was decorated rather modern, although it had a lot of antique inserts, which made the interior original and very tasteful. I quickly came to the conclusion that the basic principle when designing this house was to save a lot of space and light. Will first showed me the way into the kitchen, which was connected to the dining room and a large table where another man was sitting. One look at him and I knew that he was another brother.

"Hailie, it's Dylan, Dylan, this is our baby sister, Hailie." Will introduced us pulling out a chair opposite him for me and then reaching into the fridge.

I wasn't happy to be called a "baby sister." I felt like a small child, and I was hoping to make the first impression of a rather adult and responsible person.

Dylan glanced at me from above the laptop and examined me with his dark eyes for several seconds. He also had quite long hair, tied in a small ponytail at the back of his neck. They were as dark as mine. He was quite like Will, but he had something that made me anxious. Maybe it's the lack of warmth that my first brother greeted me with.
I started looking around the room to escape the power of those dark eyes. When I glanced at him again carefully in a moment, he stared back at the computer screen and the shadow of a malicious smile wandered on his lips.

"Our cook doesn't work on Sundays, but she prepared it yesterday especially for you," Will announced, placing a steaming plate of a tasty looking dish with baked pasta in front of me. I was grateful for the food, as I was beginning to feel really hungry.

I tried to be polite and well-educated, just as I was raised. I ate with a knife and fork, sat upright, and was super careful not to mess. I saw Dylan looking at me from time to time but he didn't say a word. Will left us for a moment and came back when I was just finishing and got up to wash after myself.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
"Just put it in the dishwasher," he instructed, pointing to a plate. He seemed pleased with my attitude. I felt uncomfortable but I wanted to make the best impression.

Then Will took me to my new bedroom. The house was large and complex like a maze but Will quickly explained the basic rule.

"Here, upstairs, we all have our bedrooms. However, the corridor on the right leads to another part of the house. Now, listen carefully, Hailie, because it's important. Never go there, ok? We run a family business and we work there, sometimes our customers visit us, so we need silence and no one should wander around there. So just pretend that his corridor doesn't exist, ok?" Will said, suddenly getting serious.                                                               

I nodded, not having much of a problem with it, but Will didn't move on, just looked at me and his gaze grew more intense.

"Hailie, I know all this is new to you, but I would prefer you to answer the questions verbally."
"Yes, I understand," I responded quickly, surprised. My voice was obviously soft and hoarse. Yeah, I don't think I've used it too much lately.

"Wonderful," He replied and smiled at me. Then he turned and led me to my bedroom. It was beautiful, bright and large, with a double bed, wardrobe, and bathroom, which was all I didn't have when I lived with my mother and grandmother.

"Unpack, refresh, take a nap... whatever you want. Remember that this is your home now, feel comfortable," With these words, Will left me alone.                                                                                                  

 I shook my head in disbelief. It is my house. This house looking like one of those from MTV Cribs is my new home. In which I was supposed to feel comfortable. Will I ever make it?

I took a shower, firstly learning how to use it for five minutes, and then I fell on an extremely comfortable mattress, and immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, it was already dark in the room. I dragged myself out of bed and groped for the phone I left next to the unpacked suitcase. It was already after nine in the evening. I slept a bit... Will said that I would meet Vince today, and though I didn't feel like leaving my room and meeting more of my brothers, I knew it would be rude to stay here.                                                                                                                                                                       
I opened the door and looked around the corridor. It was dark and empty. I turned on the light from my phone and moved towards the stairs, hoping I remember the way. I prayed not to bump into anyone. Cautiously, I passed the forbidden corridor, and then I saw the stairs. Downstairs it was lighter and I also heard some voices. Angry voices. I turned off the light but froze in the middle of the stairs. Is it the best moment to show up? I poked my nose from behind the door into the corridor, which was empty and dark. Using the flashlight on my phone, I started toward the stairs, hoping I remembered the way. I prayed not to bump into anyone. I carefully avoided the forbidden corridor and spotted the stairs. It was lighter downstairs, and I heard some voices too. Quite angry. I turned off the flashlight but stopped in the middle of the stairs. Is this the best time to come out?

"I'm telling you, no one's seen us!" one of the voices said.

"Nor heard!" the second one, identical, added.
"But someone could. You're careless and I don't like it," the third one, definitely the coldest one, snapped. 

I gulped at the sound of it and began to seriously consider returning to my room when I heard a whisper behind me.

"Are you eavesdropping?"